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SensNorm, Bern 8, (133477)
Altenbergstrasse 29
CH-3000 Bern 8
+41 31 313 88 13

Association SensNorm

The sensNORM association was founded in Basel on 6 February 2014. sensNORM was founded in order to define standardised language for describing detection fields, terms and technology, as well as procedures for measuring features of lighting technology.


  1. To promote, organise, control and moderate regulated, transparent procedures established for public use and in the public interest for standardisation in the field of sensor and building technology. The results of this work promote innovation, increase safety and ensure a common understanding throughout the industry, while also facilitating quality assurance and rationalisation to the benefit of users. The association publishes the results of its work and promotes the use of its results.

  2. The association networks with similar organisations both in Switzerland and in other countries.

  3. The association is a non-profit organisation